What is MyFifo?

MyFifo is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited (which is non-guaranteed and depends on the revenue that is being generated) earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.

Is MyFifo free to join?

Yes. it is free to join.

Is MyFifo legal?

Yes, it is legal. For any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at MyFifo, we sell you various type of advertising. All members purchase credits to display their banner.

Can I join without a sponsor?

No. You need to be invited by someone.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. We do not allow having multiple accounts.

Is my personal information protected with your company?

Any personal information that you provide to us are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

Why has my account been deleted/frozen?

Accounts may be deleted for reasons such as, not limited to, inappropriate behaviour/abuse towards other members and/or the administration of MyFifo/filing of payment disputes and several other reasons.

If you believe that none of the above is true and still your account has been deleted, please contact us.

Do I need direct referrals to earn from this site?

Earnings is optional and promoting and getting referrals may increase your earnings.

What payment method can we use MyFifo?

We only accept BTC and use coinpayments for processing BTC.

How long does it take to process purchases?

All purchases are automatically and instantly processed and the advertising package you bought will reflect in your account immediately.

But during some cases, it may take upto few hours for the payment to get processed due to several reasons like server overload, delay in the processor site etc.

If the payment is not processed even after about 15 hrs, please submit a support ticket with full transaction details.

Can I change BTC Wallet?

No. We do not accept this for security reasons. But if you must change, please send a support ticket and we will review your case.

Can I change my Advert?

Yes, you can change your advert

Why Can’t I withdraw?

We want to promote the platform to as many users as possible, to do this we have put a condition that you need 3 directs who are advertising with us to withdraw any BTC earnings.

Is there a charge to Withdraw?

There is a 5% charge but that goes towards auto filling of Matrix A

How long does it take for withdrawal to process?

All withdraw requests will be processed within 24 hours during weekdays. We don’t process any withdrawals during weekends or national holidays.